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Nova Vitae provides a very unique approach to help with mental health, detoxification, and substance abuse treatment in an outpatient setting allowing patients maximum flexibility to achieve their individual treatment goals. We help with legal matters including DUI, child custody, divorce, possession charges, and we can help to reduce jail time by enrolling the individual in treatment. Patients provide input and assist staff in creating a unique treatment plan for each individual designed to meet their specific treatment goals because not everyone has the same needs and treatment goals, and may not be able to adhere to a rigid program that was not developed specifically with their individual goals and abilities in mind. Treatments may last several days up to several months depending on the level of care and the treatment plan.

The program at Nova Vitae aims to quickly transition patients to sobriety in the least invasive manner and environment possible. This is achieved by working closely with patients to find creative and suitable formats and methods of recovery. Nova Vitae’s staff have incredibly high success rates due in part to the use of (MAT) medication assisted treatments which are an integral part of each patient’s continued success in recovery and continued sobriety. We pride ourselves on providing every serious candidate for treatment with access to the most advanced treatment methods available applied in the least invasive, and most discreet manner possible. Levels of care include: outpatient detoxification, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, down to outpatient treatment services and sober/transitional living programs.


We’ll guide you
through the entire
period of your healing.


Our center’s innovative
programs will surely
get you back on track!


We provide an environment
uniquely suited
to support your healing.

Custom individualized program

Maximize your well-being with an individual plan made just for you


    We provide a healthy environment uniquely suited to support your growth and healing.

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